The impact of organizational health goes far beyond the walls of a company, extending to customers and vendors, even to spouses and children. It sends people to work in the morning with clarity, hope, and anticipation and brings them home at night with a greater sense of accomplishment, contribution, and self-esteem. The impact of this is as important as it is impossible to measure.
— Patrick Lencioni

One of the core convictions around our company is that it is imperative to have healthy leaders if you are going to have healthy organizations.  Given that one of our core mentors, Patrick Lencioni, believes that organizational health is the single greatest determinant of long-term success, trumping all other business proficiencies, practices, or disciplines, having healthy leaders is a pretty big deal.

I am currently preparing for a “boot camp” that starts this Thursday.  ”Boot camp” is the name we use for a 3 day men’s retreat where we deeply intersect with a man through the masculine journey.  It is a powerful redefining experience that allows many men the chance to break through the snare of the stories they’ve lived and find unprecedented clarity and healing.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage and conviction to make this trek.

I am leading a session that deals with the incomplete and broken places that exist in all of us.  It has been a sobering reminder of how much work I have had to do to overcome a lot of the collateral damage of my story.  I am hearing Paul in my ears saying “not that I have already arrived” and that “I press on”.  This is a journey that will never be complete until we are reunited with our creator in eternity, but by His grace and mercy, a lot of ground has been taken back in my life.

Walking this road to healing and restoration is as rare as Saul’s encounter with God on the road to Damascus.  It is the full work of the cross that Jesus came to provide for us (His Isaiah 61 ministry), but very few walk in that ultimate freedom, here and now, that He offers.  Having eternity as a prize and the understanding that all our indiscretions past, present, and future have been forgiven, seems to be enough for most of us.

For nearly 40 of the almost 50 years I have walked this earth, I labored under the partial gospel where full healing and restoration didn’t exist.  The last 12 years has been a hard fought, but exhilarating journey toward freedom and clarity.  While the process will not be complete until eternity, there has been so much restoration and healing in my own life and those that I unwittingly wounded as a result of my own.

Join me in praying that:

  • We, as leaders, will continue to walk the arduous rode toward hearts that are whole and healed.
  • That God will provide competent, capable, and healthy leaders for our teams.
  • That restoration will emanate beyond the walls of our company to everyone that comes into contact.

Healing and restoration leads to healthy living.  This is the rest of the gospel most of us have missed.

It is the ultimate privilege of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

It is essential to healthy leadership and healthy teams.

And finally, it is the key to long-term organizational health and success.

  • Are you walking the rare and essential road toward this amazing healing and restoration that is our privilege?
  • Are you building your teams with similar leaders?
  • If not, what are you prepared to do about it?