October Top 5 Reads

How To Turn Your Good Ideas Into Great Questions
Despite the popularity of brainstorming in meetings, sharing ideas doesn’t often lead to a creative discussion. Asking questions does. Here’s a technique to turn your good ideas into great questions.

How Steve Jobs Ran His Legendary Meetings
An inside look at a series of meetings led by the most famous entrepreneur of our generation.

The Three Biggest Differences Between Being Busy And Being Productive
Here's how to figure out if you're super productive or just needlessly busy.

Before You Pitch
Before you try to make yourself understood, you need to work out why the person you are pitching to will care about what you have to say.

Who Is This Not For?
When we spend time thinking about growing our businesses we tend to focus on our ideal customers—the people we know we want to matter to. A great way to get really specific about who you are creating your products and services for is to think about who they are not for.