Seasickness: This condition is caused by the rocking motion of the craft. Most people tend to concentrate on the inner surroundings, or close the eyes and try to sleep. This will cause the worst effect of the disturbance.

Solution: Generally, the disturbance will cease once the visual and motion stimuli are synchronized. This can be obtained concentrating on the horizon until this appears fixed and horizontal. This is the signal that our vision has switched from the reference system of the boat to the reference system of the earth.
— Wikipedia

Rare is the week where I don’t talk to at least one person overwhelmed by their situation.  Typically it is in regards to their own life circumstance, but it is a fairly common occurrence to talk to a leader frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed by their organizational challenges as well.  The “reference system” of everything going on around us tends to crowd out any hope or expectation for change and a different future.  When we assess the litany of issues swirling around us, it is nearly impossible to imagine things getting any better.

The early church certainly faced their own disorientation with the arrival and then death of the Messiah, but wise counsel could be found in the epistles:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.
— Paul, Letter to the Hebrews

It is that “race marked out for us” bit that I believe is the real game changer.  There is something about fixing our eyes upon the Savior and aggressively moving toward that spot on the horizon, but in a particular way marked out for us uniquely.  Legalists would say that the race marked out for us is more particular to behavior modification and specific practice of the faith, but my experience has revealed something very different and far grander.

Getting really clear about the unique “race marked out for us” has become the game changer of all game changers in my experience:

  • An organization with clear vision, values, and purpose, are much more likely to weather whatever challenges they are facing and find future success.
  • A family with clear understanding of core convictions, mission, and desired legacy, can overcome and sail more effortlessly through the highly disruptive journey of family life.
  • A man with a clear understanding of what God meant when He meant him, is a formidable beast.  With clear understanding of gifts, abilities, passion, and desire, living a more inspired, impactful, and fulfilling future becomes an incontrovertible certainty.

Keeping our eyes clearly fixed on the Savior is crucial, but it is the path we take to Him in eternity that determines everything.  It is more about the journey than the destination…

The question of getting to a particular end is a mere incident. What we call the process, God calls the end. His purpose is that I depend on Him and on His power now. It is the process, not the end, which is glorifying to God.
— Oswald Chambers

It is the trek toward Him, in a particular and uniquely inspired way and purpose, that:

  • Allows us to overcome even the most daunting circumstances.
  • Markes a path toward Him for family or team members to follow.
  • Inspires others to join us on the journey
  • Most glorifies Him

A few things to consider:

Are you prepared for whatever may come?

Are those that you love and lead clear about the path you are on and what the destination looks like (Vision)?

How essential do you feel like it is to find the time, resources, and margin to get really clear on God’s intended future for you, your family, or the organization you lead?  To get clear on the next steps you are to take on the unique path you were created to walk?