“And once you live a good story, you get a taste for a kind of meaning in life, and you can’t go back to being normal; you can’t go back to meaningless scenes stitched together by the forgettable thread of wasted time.”  Donald Miller

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors.  Donald seems to clearly understand that once you get a clear mission set in front of you, all other things seem to fade into relative insignificance.  His Storyline conferences inspire individuals to write a better story with their lives. The things you once worried about might even be found  laughable in contrast to one really true and significant thing.

While this is obviously true for individual lives, it is no less true for organizations.  A collaborative of individuals, organized around a transcendent mission, can find momentum, clarity, and purpose in focusing on one great imperative.  Clear and obvious examples can be found in sports or the military, moving toward championships or a targeted mission.

I would posit that the same thing can happen within a corporate entity.  A group of employees, inspired and encouraged in making their particular difference in the world, can find similar momentum to teams or regiments.  I’ve seen it happen and I believe that God is calling me to spend the rest of my life making sure it is a lot more common.

The first and necessary step is that the leader of an organization, the steward of the mission, get some clarity and perspective on what God is intending.

“People from my first home say I’m brave. They tell me I’m strong. They pat me on the back and say, ‘Way to go. Good job.’ But the truth is, I am not really very brave; I am not really very strong; and I am not doing anything spectacular. I am simply doing what God has called me to do as a person who follows Him. He said to feed His sheep and He said to care for ‘the least of these,’ so that’s what I’m doing, with the help of a lot people who make it possible and in the company of those who make my life worth living.”  Katie Davis

This kind of humility, matched with the audacity of believing in God’s purposes and provision, have accomplished tremendous things.  Katie, out of the inspiration of a summer mission trip, began adopting Ugandan girls at the age of 20.  Now at 25, she has 13 adopted daughters, feeds 1,200 children daily, and uses vision casting and story telling to invite thousands to get involved and help fund her Amazima Ministry.

It all starts with you.

The problem.

The solution.

The inspiration.

How will you steward the leadership opportunity where God has placed you?  As Andy Stanley says, “Leadership is a stewardship, it is temporary, and you are accountable.”

  • Do you know why you exist?
  • Are you clear about what purpose the Lord wants you to inspire others to in your leadership or headship?
  • You have an organization and a family being tempted by “less wild lovers” of all varieties.  Will you lead them toward something that really matters?