The wise men and enchanters were brought in here to read this writing on the wall and interpret it for me. They couldn’t figure it out—not a word, not a syllable. But I’ve heard that you interpret dreams and solve mysteries. So—if you can read the writing and interpret it for me, you’ll be rich and famous—a purple robe, the great gold chain around your neck—and third-in-command in the kingdom.”

Daniel answered the king, ‘You can keep your gifts, or give them to someone else. But I will read the writing for the king and tell him what it means.’
— Daniel 5

Our wall-length white board has been full for 6 days.  Almost a week ago, we had our HR manager walk us through the “art of the possible” in regards to several open positions, the restructuring of a couple of current positions, and the potential for a couple of new hires.

I filled the top of the whiteboard with current positions, job tasks, and names.  We also determined functional areas for each task and the percentages of time it took for each job.  We listed current staff and potential staffing needs below and then started to map responsibilities to newly cast roles.

With representatives from all the keys areas affected, a very clear picture started to emerge.  We were not only moving folks more into areas of gifting and ability, but also more capably addressing the requirements of the substantial increase in business we’ve been enjoying since the 3rd quarter of last year.  A couple of strategic new hires would precisely address bottlenecks and needs in the system.

We left the room with momentum, clarity, refocus, and unanimity (or so we thought).  Over the next couple of days, the power of interpretation took hold.  The handwriting on the wall, so clearly and capably interpreted, started to blur.  A variety of interests, desires, and fears, rushed in to reinterpret the results.

Friday brought an emotionally charged meeting where feelings and reinterpretation were painfully obvious.  It was excruciating.  Like an exhausted parent, I wanted to send all the kids to bed and silence everything but my own desire for peace (& quiet).  But after hearing everyone out, we acknowledged that growth, open/honest interaction, and moving closer to fulfilling our appointed Kingdom mission, was not only opposed, but painful.

We ultimately tabled the discussion, asked everyone to think through their positions (& hopefully allow some time for cooler heads to prevail).  We’ll tilt the windmill again this morning.  I’m praying that discernment and truth will emerge.  My hope is that we will have the maturity and temerity to accept the truth of the handwriting on the wall, whether all our “kings” like it or not.

In both small business management and consulting work, sitting in front of a whiteboard (and sometimes a flip chart) is a familiar occurrence.  A blank whiteboard holds the potential for endless possibility and the sobriety of painful truths.  It should also allow clear room for our Father to speak.  May it be that the power of interpretation in our lives be sourced more from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit than our own mind, will, or emotions.

  • What is clearly written on the wall that you need to address?
  • Do you have the temerity and maturity to act on what is clearly written there?
  • Are you primarily tackling the challenges of your life with your mind, will, and emotions, or with discernment?