March Top 10

How You Can Get Your Best Employees To Stay
For most people moving up means moving on, so how can you get someone who is getting outside offers to stick around?

Why You Should Never Cancel Your One-On-One Meetings
Those personally tailored meetings take up a lot of time. But if you cut them, your work life will likely get more chaotic.

Stop Obsessing Over Employee Loyalty And Focus On This Instead
Leadership boils down to arranging circumstances for people so that they may flourish, and, in turn, the organization may flourish.

How To Follow Your True Calling, Not Someone Else’s
You bring something needed to the world. Be who you were created to be, not what you or others wish you were. The more skillfully and graciously you live out your calling, the more others will hear your song and recognize its beauty too.

5 Simple Things Super Productive People Do on Monday
Monday can be hard, but a little discipline can make it the best day of the week. Here is how successful people start things off.

How To Work With Anyone's Productivity Style
People have one of four different productivity styles. Never have a work conflict again by getting to know how to communicate with each one.

5 Fake-Productive Things You're Doing That Are A Waste Of Time
You're not as busy as you think you are. Chances are you're wasting your time with these behaviors. Here's how to reclaim your day.

The Difference Between A Pitch And A Brand Story
A brand story is not told it is lived. Your brand story is communicated in the values your company stands for, how your staff greet customers, that hurried email you sent, in your website design and product packaging. Anything that the customer touches or that touches the customer is your brand story.

What We Value And Reward Defines Us
Our beliefs and behaviours define our cultures. What we value becomes more valued. What is reinforced drives everything we do, how we show up and who becomes our customer. Above all else this is what shapes our story and no marketing whitewash can stop that being reflected to the outside world.

How To Get People Into Action With One Simple Question
One of the toughest things in leadership is getting people into action. I discovered one simple, yet profound, question that motivates people to get into action.