June Top 5

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Why Managers Should Stop Focusing On Their Best Employees
It's tempting to spend your energy on your A-players, but it's more worth your time to build up the rest of your team.

The Difference Between an Ordinary Life and an Extraordinary One
I used to think ordinary lives were the low-key, under-the-radar, stay-at-home kind of lives and the extraordinary ones were the ones filled with travel and people and crazy adventure.  I’m learning to see that the dividing line I thought I saw between those lives isn’t really there.

How To Get Things Done: 4 Levels of Productivity
Real productivity is not doing more, more efficiently. But it begins there. We need to develop personal disciplines of working efficiently. But efficiency only takes us so far. I’ve noticed that those who get things done practice 4 levels of personal productivity.

4 Ways To Bring The Best Out Of Your Employees
A great leader knows their business's most valuable asset is its people. Here's how to drive the growth of your company's human capital.

A Survival Guide For Managing Difficult People
They're sarcastic, cynical, and negative, but you don't want to fire them. Hope and help for managing people who drive you nuts.