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May Top 5 Reads

A Study In Building A Purpose-Driven Business
How You Can Balance Your Desire To Do Good With The Necessity To Run A Successful Business.

Don't Hire People Unless The Batteries Are Included
5 Signs a Potential Employee Will Drain Your Team of Precious Energy, Creativity, and Joy

How To Ask Questions For Innovation
Innovation is driven by questions not answers. Questions send people on a journey. But not all questions and journeys are equal. Many questions rehash old territory, only confirming something can’t be done. While other questions expose assumptions, unlock creativity, and focus on how it can be done. Here’s how to ask questions for innovation.

How To Breakthrough Conflict With Questions
We all have conflicts – ranging from little disagreements all the way up to major fallouts. How you respond to conflict, what you say or don’t say, can either escalate or reduce the conflict. To breakthrough conflict I’ve found nothing better than engaging the person by asking honest questions.

Should I Fire Someone Who Works Hard But Isn't Meeting Expectations?
Firing someone is never easy, it's even harder when they are trying their best, but their best just isn't good enough.