Why am I here?

Stop Going Through The Motions Of Life

We know what it feels like to go through the motions and ultimately feel like you are living someone else’s life. Rest easy in the knowledge that there is a unique purpose for you, and during these 48 hours away - you will begin to discover the life you were intended to live. 

Where am I going?

Build A Plan To Find Freedom

Find your true north and build a simple plan to get you there through our tried and true process experienced by hundreds. As you rekindle your passions and discover your purpose, the intended direction of your life will become obvious as well.

how do I get there?

Chart A New Course With LifePlan

As we guide you through the LifePlan process, you'll chart a new course for your life. One that moves you with confidence toward the unique role your life was created to fulfill. You'll leave the weekend clear on your life goals and the tangible steps that will get you there.



  • Are you feeling lost -- with a lack of direction and purpose? 

  • Is your life often filled with anxiety or worry -- feeling deep down that something just isn't as it should be?

  • Are you in or approaching a season of transition, wondering how your function or role should change?

  • Are you currently in a leadership role with your family or organization, but aren't clear on where you're going or where you should be leading them?

  • Have you bought into the belief that your passions and dreams are either non-existent, unrealistic or too far buried under years of apathy and obligation to ever realize them?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, the LifePlan Retreat would be well-worth your weekend. Sign up now to join us on the journey of discovering your purpose and gaining clarity for your next season of life!

Still not sure?  Discover, investigate, and learn more about the process and impact of the Group LifePlan process.


Engage one of our experienced coaches to learn more & answer any additional questions you have about Group LifePlan.


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