Rekindle Passions Through LifePlan

Rekindle Passions

Uncover the hidden treasure of your life story.  Mine it for crucial data points that you've likely overlooked or were unable to connect.  Awaken passions, desires, and gifting that you have either abandoned or given up hope on believing would ever play a crucial role in your life.

Discover Your Purpose Through LifePlan

Discover Purpose

With numerous data points carefully cultivated, a clear path forward always emerges.  There really is a life that you were intended to live.  The evidence will make an incontrovertible case for the life that will bring you the greatest joy and produce the greatest impact.

Life Differently Out Of Your LifePlan

Live differently 

Living a better story is not so much about what you do, but how you do what you do.  The life you were intended to live is comfortably realized in small steps in the key arenas of your life.  Your Lifeplan becomes the powerful inevitability that appropriates everything else in your life and gives it proper perspective.

The LifePlan Process



  • Life Assessment

  • Your Life Story



  • Assessing Current Reality

  • Your Story in the Context of the Larger One










"This weekend not only accomplished what I hoped it would, but exceeded my expectations. Every step in the LifePlan process brought another layer of clarity and worked with the others to bring me clear direction moving forward. I am leaving feeling free and excited about my future. Thank you for giving yourselves so fully to this!"


"Incredible.  I came into this weekend very expectant of God revealing in a clear way His intention for my life.  What I learned was that it’s not about the destination, but the journey.  I learned that life’s circumstances and challenges, things I have been fearful and ashamed of, God has an express purpose for.  He is the potter and I am His clay.  I am eternally grateful."


"I came into this weekend hoping something good would come out of it but expecting nothing to come out of it.  I could not have been more wrong.  The depth of clarity of the past allowed me to clearly see a future with me squarely where I belong."

- Mike

"This helped provide clarity on what my life is and is not.  This weekend has helped my husband and I become even closer.  We are inspired by what is to come.  We are inspired on what more we have to offer to our children, family, and many others."

- Marcie

"There is no way to place a value on the last 3 days!  Priceless!  Spending this time with you guys helping me get focus, clarification, and purpose for this next chapter of my life was worth more than I can describe!"

- Chuck

"I soaked this whole weekend up like a sponge! I came into it with so many thoughts and ideas that all felt important yet scattered. The presentations and exercises all served a powerful purpose to simplify and find patterns in my life. The absolute best thing I walk away with though, is knowing for sure, not wondering or thinking or dreaming, but knowing what I am called to do. And not only knowing that with confidence and certainty, but also leaving equipped with next steps to get to it!"

- Maranda

"As someone who is reluctant to share my feelings and more reluctant to visit the past, this weekend was eye-opening.  To be able, through help and guidance, to connect the dots from the past to the present, and how to change for the future is life changing.  I left with hope and clarity.  Hope for the future and clarity on how to make it so."

- Jay