January Top 10 Reads

The Formula To Better Problem Solving
The "Five Whys" process will help you get to the root of any problem, and make everyone feel understood and included.

The Importance Of Creating A Culture Of Why
Asking "why" can help bring greater innovation and avoid disaster, but first we need to reframe the way we think about it.

The Battle For Your Customer’s Mind
The answer to increasing sales isn’t to work harder to convince people of your advantages, it’s to help them to understand who they could become in the presence of your product.

Sorry: Easy To Say, Not So Easy To Do
Businesses have teams of people who can respond to complaints and fewer who are held accountable for fixing things. Sorry in isolation does not constitute an apology. Every apology has two parts. The admission that something went wrong, followed by the action taken that will mean it doesn’t happen again.

20 Tips for Getting More Done Every Day
One resolution on every entrepreneur's list, year after year, is to be more productive. So why is it so hard to actually get more done?

How a Mission-Oriented Company Can Also Turn a Profit
If you want to effect change in the world--without going bankrupt in the process--here are a few rules to follow.

4 Strategies To Change Your Habits That Actually Work
Gretchen Rubin dug through the research on habit change to find what it really takes to make a fresh start.

3 Things Your Business Should Stop Doing in 2015
Does your business run the same now as it did five years ago or even at the start of 2014? Stop and innovate the way you do your work, or be left behind.

6 Ways Businesses Need to Think Like Nonprofits
For 25 years, I’ve worked with nonprofit organizations. I’ve applied a lot of business principles to nonprofits. These days, I realize that nonprofits have a lot to teach businesses too. Here are 6 ways businesses can learn from nonprofits about purpose, marketing the intangible, and employee engagement.

10 Brand Storytelling Lessons In 2 Minutes
It’s so much easier to adopt default thinking and lead by telling people what we do—which is why most businesses do it. But you are not most businesses.  Your customers are waiting for you to give them something to believe in and to take them where they want to go.