November Top 5 Reads

5 Habits Of Truly Disruptive Leaders
Disruption and leadership might seem opposing forces. Here's how the best leaders reconcile the two.

The One Thing Managers Aren't Doing That Could Cost Them Employees
Four reasons you should have career discussions with your employees.

5 Traits Every Young Leader Needs to Be Successful
The key to success for young leaders is not to focus, but to say “yes.” Yes to diverse opportunities, roles, and tasks. Research demonstrates that younger leaders need broad experience in order to develop their strengths, judgment, character, and identify their calling. That’s just one of five ways young leaders need to develop.

Do Your Actions And Story Align?
Everything, from the words you use in an automated email, to color of your packaging is your brand story. Every detail needs to be consistent with the story you want your customers to hear and believe.

Prepare, Plan, then Pivot
So what is core to the way your company does business? How does that inform how you plan? What are those most important things for your business to accomplish next year? And most importantly, what’s needed to do each of them? If you get specific with yourself, you’ve just given yourself the best chance at a successful year to come.