December Top 10 Reads

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Being Smart
The most successful companies focus on being healthy rather than intelligent.

Peace, Discipline and Teamwork
All people want the same thing in life: peace.  Not happiness, which is an unsustainable and fickle emotion, but rather peace, which is the deep understanding that all is well, even when happiness is not possible.  And we all know when we have lost our peace; it’s when we feel fear, anxiety, angst or dread.  As much as those feelings are painful, they are actually blessings if we respond to them correctly. 

In Defense Of Disconnecting From Work After Hours
Spending time recovering from the work week is as important as recovering from a workout: Try to skip rest and you'll hurt yourself.

The First Step To Building A Marketing Campaign
The key is not to see marketing as ‘a campaign’ that starts and ends, or as part of a process that you’re getting through, but to think of your marketing (and your product) as a love note that makes an emotional connection with your customer.

Why Energy Management Matters More Than Time Management
As we all try to squeeze more hours from the day, time management may not be the answer. Managing our energy will make us more productive.

The Not-So Surprising Secrets To Getting Millennials To Stay At Their Jobs
Balance, pay, mentorship: these factors could be part of the formula that makes young workers stick around.

Are You Open to Getting More Sales?
Isn’t it curious that sales, the lifeblood of every small business, is so damn hard to get right? You started your business because you believed you could make or do something that other people wanted, but then you struggle to find a way to talk about it with them so they’re moved to say, “How can I get some of that?” You want so badly to connect with prospective customers. You want so sincerely to experience your salespeople connecting with them. And, it hardly ever feels like there’s enough connection going on, enough excitement about the product or service you’re so invested in, enough prospects turning into customers.

The New Habit Challenge: Give Your Day A Theme To Stay Focused
Distractions at work happen. But what if we can bounce back faster by devoting each day to specific tasks? Square's CEO thinks we can.

If You’re Rushing, Something is Wrong
Of course there are plenty of great reasons in life to rush. If you’re an ER doctor or a professional ping-pong player, rushing seems appropriate. But in most endeavors, feeling a constant sense of urgency and panic means somebody hasn’t done his or her job. And that somebody is most likely the person who is making everybody else rush around.

You Should Give Yourself a Little More Grace
Have you ever tried to quit a bad habit but went right back after the first relapse? Let’s say you’re quitting caffeine, then a bleary day hits and you have that one cup of coffee, only to go right back to the old habit. It’s almost as though that first slip up lets go the flood.  I used to be all or nothing about stuff like this but I recently had a conversation with Bill Lokey who helped me understand relapses are part of the process of changing a behavior.