April Top 10

1. Find Your Passion With These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions

Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question, collected the provocative questions top designers, tech innovators, and entrepreneurs ask themselves to spark creativity.


2. Here's Why Conflict is Actually Good for Business

Workplace disagreements and squabbles aren't just inevitable, turns out--they can also help your business.


3. Welcome To The Purpose Economy

How can we create an entire economy geared toward good? Focusing on personal, social, and societal purpose.


4. The Difference Between What You "Should" Do And What You "Must" Do

If you aren't doing what you love, it's time to examine your ideas about calling, career, and how to chase both toward success.


5. Stop Being So Nice. It's Hurting Your Company

As much as you may want to be liked, when it comes to dealing with underperforming employees and other sticky business situations, you need to be firm and decisive.


6. The Benefits of Being Managed

I’m certainly not suggesting that a leader abdicate responsibility for running his or her organization. And I’m not advocating some sort of democratic structure of checks and balances that limits the authority of a CEO. That’s the purpose of a board of directors. What I’m talking about is leaders knowing that there are times and situations in which they should be accountable, even subordinate, to the people they lead.


7. Why Incentives Don't Actually Motivate People to Do Better Work

As it turns out, workplace incentives don't necessarily create harder working employees.


8. How To Create A Workplace People Love Coming To

Glassdoor recently announced their sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards, which uses employee ratings to determine the top 50 places to work. Here's how to create a workplace your people will love to be in--and want to work hard for.


9. How to Talk to Your Employees About Compensation

Discussing pay can be uncomfortable. Here's how to make the conversation easier and more productive.


10. The Compelling Case for Giving Employees More Freedom

Allowing employees more room to roam makes them happier and more productive. Here's how it worked for one 10,000-person company.

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