April Top 10

How To Build Conversations That Create Innovative Ideas
The best way to inspire innovative thinking isn't to force a brainstorming session, it's to create an ongoing conversation. Here's how.

When Difficulty Feels Discouraging, Remember This
In an age where we are taught through commercialism there should be no struggles in life that the purchasing of a product won’t relieve, the Bible is incompatible. But the age of commercialism has let us down.

How To Make Friday The Most Productive Day Of The Week
Handled right, Fridays are a chance to invest in activities that pay dividends the rest of the week.

The Secrets To Building A Team Of Decision Makers
Make better decision-makers out of your team by giving them the freedom to be themselves.

4 Strategies To Master The Art Of Delegation
It's one of the toughest things for a founder to do: master the art of letting go.

Micromanagement is Underrated
My challenge, and that of every other leader who occasionally participates in abdication management, is to be more consistent in the way I manage, and not let it be determined by my level of interest, energy or curiosity.

Re-imagining Your Business Growth Mindset
What would the world look like if you spent all of your time, effort and money on delighting the customers you have?

The Hidden Costs Of Interruptions At Work
What all those "Got a minute?" interruptions cost in loss of job satisfaction and productivity may surprise you.

How To Develop Young Leaders: The Little-Much Principle
Leader development is about going in before going out. The Little-Much Principle will help you develop young (and old) leaders.

How To Get People To Disagree With Your Ideas
If your team isn't challenging your ideas, you might have a "yes-person" problem. Here's why it's valuable to get people to question you.