May Top 10

1. Conservation of Energy

Have you noticed this about Jesus’ way?  Intensity is no doubt a weapon in His arsenal.  It wasn’t a soft and passive man that braided a whip from rawhide and created pandemonium in the synagogue, turning tables and sending animals fleeing and money flying (Matthew 21:12). But intensity wasn’t His only weapon. It’s amazing how often He slips away to rest, heal, be alone, be restored (Mark 1:35).  It’s amazing how often He leaves the scene with need at His doorstep, leaving people wanting.


2. From Purpose to Impact

What creates the greatest leaders and companies? Each of them operates from a slightly different set of assumptions about the world, their industry, what can or can’t be done. That individual perspective allows them to create great value and have significant impact. They all operate with a unique leadership purpose. To be a truly effective leader, you must do the same. Clarify your purpose, and put it to work.


3. Great Branding Is Invisible

The thumpf of a BMW's door closing, the muted click of calculator buttons, a human on the phone. It hooks you in.


4. Surprising Things You Never Considered About Your Company's Reputation

You probably know that a good reputation can work to your business's advantage, but here's a few factors you might not have considered.


5. How Do I Avoid Being A Micromanager?

You need to make sure things get accomplished but you don't want to be the boss that everyone hates--the dreaded micromanager. Leadership coach Lolly Daskal and Psychologist Art Markman offer their advice in how to balance this tricky situation.


6. Why Work-Life Integration Trumps Work-Life Balance

One CEO makes the case for why integrating work into your life--and vice versa--is the future of the working world.


7. Are You Destined to Be a Great Leader?

Some people just have that "it" factor. Here are five things every born leader does every day.


8. 7 Things Great Leaders Always Do (But Mere Managers Always Fear)

Are you a great leader or just a mere manager? Here's how to tell the difference.


9. The Art Of The Pivot: 6 Ways To Make A Big Change

How do you reinvent your company or yourself without dinging your credibility? Here are the moves that make up a successful pivot.


10. Blogging Didn’t Save My Business. Neither Did Content Marketing.

From now until the end of the internet (and well beyond that), the businesses that see themselves as teachers and problem solvers, and then take the time to tell the world what they know, are going to earn the most trust and ultimately the most business.