July Top 5

Why Bosses Who Show Vulnerability Are The Most Liked
A leader who isn't afraid to show their vulnerability is more trusted not to mention able to make more authentic connections.

6 Warning Signs Your Successful Leadership Needs Help
Your leadership success earned you position, budget, and authority. As your leadership influence increases, fewer people are willing to give you feedback or able to question your actions. As a result, you are less accountable for your day-to-day behaviors. This is a dangerous place, and can lead to your decline.

The Purpose Of A Billboard
Powerful marketing is both smart and generous, we know it when we experience it, because it changes how we feel and gives us a story to tell. Weak marketing is obvious and selfish, we know that when we see or hear it, because it screams ‘LOOK AT ME!’ and leaves us cold.

How Running A Business is Like The Acts Church
Every time I read the book of Acts, I’m a little envious. But just a little.  All the snake bites and temporary jail time doesn’t appeal to me, but there’s one thing that does: community. And I’m not talking about a short Bible study of age-related peers.

Why Mitt Romney Lost The Election And Why Hillary Might Lose, Too
So whether you’re an author trying to sell a book, a business owner wanting to get customers in the door, or even a pastor desiring to lead people into an authentic experience of faith, know this: If you talk too much about how awesome you are, and too little about how awesome your reader, viewer or even customer is, you’ll lose people—their votes, their purchases and their attention.