August Top 5

Why You Need A Personal Code And How to Create One
Our values should cost us something.  There are plenty of projects I won’t get involved in because I’d have to compromise my values. And yet, the more I live into these values, the more clarity I have in life and the more I get done.

8 Personality Types And How To Manage Them
Getting the most out of everyone on your team can be a challenge. This can help.

How Much Is Enough?
Last week I had knee surgery. It’s still swollen like a softball even when I keep it propped up over my head. It’s hard to work in this position. I’ve gotten some things done, but looking at my work load, I’m wrestling with the question: How much is enough?

The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics And Why You Need To Know
When it comes to business we spend a lot of our time working on the tactics.
We agonise for weeks over perfect taglines, choosing logo designs and installing fixtures, often without fully understanding if and how those tactics (the things we spend most of our time doing), are helping us to get where we want to go.

One Thing I Do Every Day That Helps Me Say No
Every day at the bottom of my personal planner, I write this phrase: “I exist to help people and institutions discover, live and communicate a better story to the world.”  Simply writing this sentence everyday keeps me on track.