January Top 10 Reads

1. Let’s Get Physical

The digital must serve the physical, must support a real human experience that is truly remarkable. The digital era demands not only a vision for what’s possible right now but an equal focus on the timeless basics. Is your business ready to get physical in order to succeed in a digital world?


2. 5 Steps To Finding Your Focus

How do you find focus in a world that is noisy and chaotic? While it's easy to blame technology and co-workers, the answer might be found in the mirror.


3. 6 Steps To Redefining Your Brand In 2014

The world is filled with forgettable brands. Outrageous claims. Overly designed logos. How will your brand stand out in the new year?


4. Creating a Culture of Unconditional Love

Compassionate coaches are not just positive cheerleaders but also committed guides, conscious of the state and progress of their team and the individuals in it. They are also timely provocateurs, offering the right dose of tough love when necessary.


5. Does Your Brand (Gulp) Suck? How to Tell, and How to Fix It

We aren’t born with a good reputation -- it’s something we earn over time. And the same rings true for your business.  Your brand isn’t necessarily just a product of your marketing efforts and the messages that you put out to the world. It goes deeper than that. In fact, it’s based more off of what your customers and prospects believe about what you offer and stand for over anything else.

6. 3 Tips for Maintaining Focus for Business Owners

Entrepreneurs are always busy. But being effective is another story.


7. Nice Managers Embrace Conflict, Too

In the short-term, it’s almost always easier to avoid conflict and come across as being a “nice” manager. But more often than not, being a little less nice might be the best thing for your people, your organization, and you.


8. The Best Leaders Ask for More Feedback

It's not enough to just ask for feedback once. Research shows that the most effective leaders also follow one rule: Get lots of feedback.


9. Why Successful Habits Are About Structure, Not Effort

The number one driver of whether a habit change is a success or not is how big the initial goal is. Everyone, if they're consistent, will eventually achieve something massive. But the people that end up failing are the people trying to achieve overnight success.


10. Why Your Creativity Needs Boundaries to Thrive

Creative work takes a lot of time. And if you don't consciously set aside that time, it won't happen. That means finding balance and setting boundaries.

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